Executive Search & Specialised Skills

Talent selection is the core competency of Talent Africa with the support of Korn Ferry methodology


As the competition for competent people in the workplace becomes more intense, we provide a superior service to our clients to select and place top talent. The process starts with an in-depth discussion regarding the client's current and future challenges to gain an understanding of the recruitment specification.

Selections Assessment 

We apply sophisticated research methodologies to identify potential candidates that we believe meet our client's unique specifications. Our mapping exercise targets industries and appropriate companies in accordance with our client's needs. The search team then reaches out to potential candidates.

Interviewing Systems

As a partner supporting our clients’ selection efforts, we use our years of research and experience behind us together with our proven training methodologies and tools to help clients choose the right candidates for the job. 

We have a solid contingency of skilled and knowledgeable interviewers to ensure that candidates are receiving the best experience and assessment possible.

We invite highly potential candidate with interest to meet with a consultant for an exploratory discussion.

The purpose of this discussion is to screen the candidate to determine the synergy between the candidate's suitability for the position and to evaluate his/her critical core competencies in relation to the client's requirements. We work with our clients to package and build solutions that best fit their current and future needs.

Selecting High Potential

A list of suitable candidates with high potential with detailed career summary, achievements and an assessment of each candidate by the consultant is presented to the client.

Various tools are utilized to determine suitability are further work performance references and integrity checks (criminal, credit and academic). We also conduct psychometric assessments if required.

Closing the process

Once the client has selected the final candidate, we assist in package negotiations and the smooth on-boarding process. We provide regular progress reports throughout the assignment to keep our client up to date. We also value the involvement and input of our client as this forms an integral part of a successful conclusion.

After successful placement regular follow-ups are conducted with clients and candidates to cement our long-term involvement with both parties

Leadership Consulting

Board Effectiveness

The risks carried by the role of Board Members are increasing due to Governance and compliance issues that Boards must address. Further demands exerting pressure to Board members are due to increased scrutiny and higher expectations from regulators, activist shareholders and media. 

Empowering Boards to be effective is one of our specialised areas. We do this through workshops; one-on-one interventions to help boards shape relationships, culture and the team dynamics that collectively work towards success. In the main the process involves:

  • Strategy review with Chairman/CEO
  • Interviews with each board and management member
  • Benchmarking
  • Peer review for individual performance
  • Report and development recommendations
  • Post-review actions

Strategy Facilitation

Strategy ranks the second highest function of a Board of Directors after the appointment of a CEO. Board members add value to the process of strategic thinking in successful companies. Facilitating development of strategy by boards is a key component of Talent Africa’s service range. We assist Boards to be a resource that Executives tap into to enrich their own strategic thinking. 

We facilitate development of strategy by boards and executives to ensure that this process delivers well-thought out strategies through clear articulation and prioritisation of strategic challenges. We bring the board and executive together to develop strategic options and engagement to make appropriate strategic choices that take the company to its next level. 

CEO and Executive Succession Planning

Succession decisions are critical in sustaining organizational performance and success. It is a well known that as business volatility increases and CEO tenure gets shorter, focus shifts to efficient succession processes that sustain organization stability and performance through leadership transitions to.

We blend our executive search and leadership consulting capabilities to assist our clients in the design and implementation of effective succession plans and leadership transitions, including alignment around future leadership requirements; identification, assessment and selection of candidates; and transition planning and on-boarding for new leaders.


Winning organisations develop and sustain effective leadership talent. Through coaching, professionals are enabled a process of continuous learning and development to help them reach their personal best and thus contribute actively and optimally towards the success of their organisation. Coaching therefore plays an important role in an organisation's overall talent management process and has a strategic impact on the well-being of the business.

We work with Talent Growth Partners, a network of independent coaches who specialise in various areas including business coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, skills coaching and integral coaching. Depending on the scope and size of each coaching project we assemble a team that is best able and appropriately experienced to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Assessment of Human Capital

Our assessment practice is based on the premise that assessment techniques should assist the client to make better decisions regarding their human capital and maximise the benefit to the organisation. Individuals, teams and organisations can be assessed.

Each assessment project is designed according to the reason for the assessment and we ensure that participants and clients are thoroughly briefed about each stage of the process to ensure transparency. Feedback on assessments is provided to both the candidate and the client separately.

We use psychometric tools and/or assessment centres to support the following focus areas that fall within the talent management process:


We are committed committed to the ethical standards that govern the use of assessments. This ensures that the tools we use have been scientifically shown to be valid and reliable, that they can be applied fairly to all employees and are not biased against any employee or group, as required by the Employment Equity Act.