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Signium Africa previously Talent Africa, is a world class executive search company based in South Africa. We offer high end talent solutions to clients nationally and in sub-Saharan Africa.

Executive Search & Selection Of Specialised Skills

As the competition for competent people in the workplace becomes more intense, we provide a superior service to our clients to select and place top talent. The process starts with an in-depth discussion regarding the client’s current and future challenges to gain an understanding of the recruitment specification. We then apply sophisticated research methodologies to identify potential candidates that we believe meet our client’s unique specifications.

Our mapping exercise targets industries and appropriate companies in accordance with our client’s needs.

Board Strategy Facilitation

Strategy ranks the second highest function of a Board of Directors after the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer. Boards should not expect “ready-made” strategies as if they are only there to put on a stamp of approval. Board members add value to the process of strategic thinking in successful companies. Executives look up to their Boards as a resource that they tap into to enrich their own strategic thinking.

Our approach to Board Strategy delivers well-thought out strategies; clear articulation and prioritisation of strategic challenges; development of strategic options; engagement of Board members and executives in making appropriate strategic choices that take the company to its next level.

Assessment Of Human Capital

Signium Africa’s assessment techniques assist our clients to make better decisions regarding their human capital and maximise the benefit to their businesses. We assess individuals, teams and organisations.

Each assessment project is designed according to the objective of the assessment. We ensure that participants and clients are thoroughly briefed about each stage of the process to ensure transparency. Feedback on assessments is provided to both the candidate and the client separately.

Our assessment tools are locally and globally appropriate and equip our clients to deal with the challenges of attracting, building and developing talent within a dynamic and competitive work environment.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Due to the global shortage of talent, it is imperative that organisations prioritise skills development from within their organisations’ existing talent pool as far as possible. We assist clients to identify and build talent at various levels of seniority within their businesses. It is important that personal, team and organsational development receives equal weighting and attention. If one of these components is left out, the sum of the whole is imbalanced and dysfunctional.

Our leadership development tools are distinctive and globally standardised. They are diagnostic in nature, and offer scientifically proven, on-the-job solutions to the competencies that require development either individually or as a team.

Signium Africa works with a network of independent coaches who specialise in various areas including business coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, skills coaching and integral coaching.

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Signium Africa (previously Talent Africa), a leading executive recruitment company based in South Africa offering head-hunting and leadership consulting services in sub-Saharan Africa. www.signium.co.za

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It is with mixed feelings that we announce we are in the process of discussing the retirement of our
beloved and much appreciated Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer. Her retirement is well-earned and well-
deserved but we will miss her energy, commitment, hardwork, and unique sense of humour in the
office. There are many times when clients, candidates and colleagues have relied on her intelligence
and intuition to make important decisions and have emerged the better for it.

Gusti is known to many as the doyenne of executive search and she was instrumental in shaping the
industry in South Africa. Leaving the search world will not be entirely easy for Gusti because it was
her passion and she poured her heart and soul into not only identifying and growing talent within
the industry, but also going above and beyond to take care of each one of her clients and candidates.

In her own way, she has significantly contributed to the success of many South African businesses.

It is time to express our appreciation for the great friendships we have had with Gusti over the years
and to wish her well in the next chapter of her life. She leaves a proud legacy behind her and a team
of capable and competent partners at Signium Africa.

We always welcome engaging with our clients and candidates, so in Gusti’s absence, please feel free
to reach out to Mosima Selekisho, Annelize van Rensburg or Michelle Moss on Tel: 011 771 4800 or
info@signium.co.za to assist with your executive search and leadership consulting needs.