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Build A Better Candidate For That Top Job … You!


by Michelle Moss

No one is born into senior management. Top performers are invariably built, not born. But here’s the thing … they build themselves. They are DIY experts at equipping themselves with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that take them up to the corporate suite and then into the boardroom.

Yet many successful executives at career-end confide that it took a setback to get them started on the self-build to success.

One catalyst is assessment feedback – the report on traits, strengths and gaps in your knowledge or experience you receive after failing to get a better job or getting one. You might be handed a similar appraisal during a performance management process or after psychometric tests.

Research on talent development, specialist literature and personal interaction with self-made achievers spotlight common themes that may help some other high potential candidates make even faster progress.

Here are 12 …

These techniques are common to many top corporate performers. Another characteristic is worth noting. They are never feel sorry for themselves.

Achievers don’t say, “Oh, I never got the chance. The firm never developed me.” That’s because they develop themselves – and make an exceptional job of it.

* Michelle Moss is Head of Assessment at Talent Africa, a leading provider of integrated talent solutions and leadership development.


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