Written by Michelle Moss on . Posted in Opinion Piece

If You Think Getting A Job Is Tough, Try Keeping One!

You’re young, ambitious and have just started your first job. You nailed the interview. Your educational qualifications seemed to help and you were smart enough to make yourself presentable and prepare for obvious questions from your employer. Now what?

This is where the hard work begins. If you thought getting a job was tough, try keeping it and using the position as a springboard to promotion and meaningful career development.

Before going to work on your first day, look in the mirror. Check that your head is on right because your attitude and way of thinking will determine whether you grow your career or blow your career.

Learn one employment statistic off by heart before you even start. This one: by the end of 2010 in the aftermath of the global financial crisis our economy had shed more than ONE MILLION jobs.

There were graduates among those casualties. Many of the newly unemployed had qualifications as good as yours, sometimes better. They all had more on-the-job experience than you do right now.

Market volatility may return. Your challenge, through the ups and downs, is to identify yourself as an asset to be retained and further developed.

There are no guarantees, but some behaviour is helpful while other behaviour is not.

Here are some tips to help you ‘behave yourself’ all the way to the top (based on feedback from successful executives who have shared information on their own development):

So remember, there are lots of good people out there. Make sure you are best by test against the rest. One way of doing this is by applying all of the above.

* Mosima Selekisho is a director of Talent Africa, a leading provider of integrated talent solutions and leadership development.