Diversity brings in more revenue, makes for happier customers, and, ultimately, builds more sustainable businesses.

There's growing recognition among Africa's most sought-after employers that diversity is a key driver of performance. In fact, the business case for diversity is a compelling one, as an increasing number of global studies are highlighting a clear link between greater diversity and improved financial results.

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How over-achievers position themselves for promotions

 Are you part of the lucky 50% that often seem to make up the ranks of junior management?

If you are happy to have one foot on the executive ladder and believe you now have it made, you’re in danger of falling into the comfort zone of making management quite early in your career. Being settled in the early career comfort zone is understandable, but it won’t get you the next big promotion and early identification as one of tomorrow’s corporate leaders.

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Americans to eat 1.35 billion chicken wings for Super Bowl

 The National Chicken Council released its annual Chicken Wing Report on Jan. 25, which projects Americans’ consumption of the unofficial menu staple of Super Bowl Sunday – the chicken wing. NCC’s 2018 report projects that fans will eat 1.35 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend, an all-time high, as the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots battle for the Lombardi Trophy. That figure is up 1.5%, or 20 million wings, from 2017.

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Cloning kills companies

 The corporate world embraces diversity and inclusion. Countless mission statements say so. Building a diverse organisation is supposedly a strategic imperative. But the question remains: Are businesses making it happen or missing the mark?

One test is talent acquisition. If diversity is so important, you would expect it to be reflected in the selection of senior executives and skilled professionals.

In the real world, a mixed picture emerges.

Cloning, Cloning kills

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Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

 Picture it — you're standing outside the event room, taking gulps of air and wiping your sweaty palms on the back of your pants. It's networking time, time to work the room and hand out your business cards and meet new people, people who can help grow your business. What were all those tips you were meant to remember again?

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