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Global consumer trends remixing executive DNA

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Executive DNA is not immutable. Requirements shift. Profiles change. Business needs and economic conditions are obvious drivers, but societal factors, technology developments and the spirit of the times play a major role in how executives see themselves, their role and priorities.

We are what we eat, but we are also what we read, think and feel. What happens around us, shapes us. Executives are not elevated above the society they serve. They are rooted in it.

Global trends research strongly supports this view, even when the primary focus is much broader than the executive head-hunter’s fixation with managerial skill and leadership potential.

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What to do when…Integrity may get you fired

Rising levels of perceived corruption have sharpened the ethical challenge for those in responsible positions. When the spoils might run into billions, it seems you can be fired for doing the right thing and rewarded for doing what you know to be wrong. How do you stay on the side of the angels, stay in your job … and stay out of jail?

The issue receives growing attention.

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Break the corporate politics taboo and head for the top

Politics was once a dirty word in business. You did not play politics to get ahead. It was just not done.


Corporate politics have always been played. The challenge is to play without deceit and duplicity while boosting the business. Of course, smart political players boost themselves as well.

Corporate politics, Politics

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How to Become an Employer of Choice

Offering staff opportunities to grow and giving them room to express themselves is key to employee development. This is according to Michelle Moss, director of assessments at Talent Africa (a member of Signium), a company that helps companies in South Africa and parts of Sub-Saharan Africa find talent.

Looking for Finance Jobs in Africa -Click here, Signium Africa is a leading executive recruitment company based in South Africa.

There is a wide range of ways to develop staff, says Moss from employee-focused programmes to encouraging social connections.

Here are Moss's 5 ways, business owners can meet their employees' needs and foster employee satisfaction.

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4 common ways even senior SA business people mess up their job interviews

 With an annual salary of R1.5 million or more as a senior manager or executive, there can be quite a lot riding on whether or not you impress in your job interview.

While there are a number of factors which will ultimately influence whether or not you eventually land the position, there are also surefire self-destructive behaviours known to kill a candidate’s interview prospects.

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Owning innovation...are you up to the job?

The talent acquisition wishlist is clear innovative thinking is a key requirement of directors looking for senior management ready to embrace change and harness new ideas. The strategic goal is to institutionalise innovation, make it integral to the organisation and thereby achieve longterm competitive advantage. But experience suggests that 'owning' innovation is easier said than done.

Job, Innovation

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You don't really want that job, do you?

BY Annelize van Rensburg director of Signium Africa (previously Talent Africa), a leading South Africa-based executive search and talent management company servicing sub-Saharan Africa.

Who needs a top job as a senior manager or executive? Why bother? It’s only an annual salary of R1,5 million or more. If they want you, they’ll see your potential. Just rock up for the interview. You’ll be fine.This attitude alone is probably enough to wreck any chance of landing a top job, but just to be sure you can always adopt some of the self-destructive behaviours known to kill a candidate’s interview prospects.You can …

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