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As Africa continues to unify and strives to compete in global markets, African organisations in Ghana are searching for the right leaders and specialised talent to carry them into a future of growth and prosperity.

Executive Search in Ghana

Diverse talent solutions.
African partnerships you
can depend on.

Executive Search in Ghana

As Africa continues to unify and strives to compete in global markets, African organisations in Ghana are searching for the right leaders and specialised talent to carry them into a future of growth and prosperity.

These scarce professionals will help them develop new business models that prove successful both locally and internationally. Their deep respect for the cultural playing fields on which they compete, and the sophistication of transnational negotiations puts their company ahead of the curve. And their grasp of digital transformation and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies creates previously unrealised efficiencies and opportunities. This even in locations where the national infrastructure is not up to the task.

With the guidance and practical expertise of the right talent, Ghana organisations can compete in any business arena and win.

For many, this high level of talent may be affordable but not readily available in their company or Ghana, and they must cast their nets wider than their reach allows. For others, potential candidates exist in-house but not the expertise to transform these rough gems into cut diamonds.

Having the right talent partner makes all the difference, ensuring your search for and development of authentic corporate genius in Ghana is decidedly successful.

Signium Africa is the continental division of the world-renowned Signium Group, a global force in executive search and leadership consulting. We offer Ghanaian organisations full access to the group’s substantial resources, industry knowledge and international talent pool. In addition, our directors and team of consultants bring over 60 years of local expertise to the Kenyan market, having filled numerous high-performance positions that actively increased our clients’ fortunes.

With a reputation marked by outstanding professionalism and unbreakable trust, we are known for our precision in identifying and developing the exact brilliance Ghanaian based organisations need to propel their business forward.

Contact us today and discover what talent really means.

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Our Solutions

Executive Search & Selection Of Specialised Skills

Executive Search & Selection Of Specialised Skills

Our mapping exercise targets industries and appropriate companies in accordance with our client’s needs.
As the competition for competent people in the workplace becomes more intense, we provide a superior service to our clients to select and place top talent. The process starts with an in-depth discussion regarding the client’s current and future challenges to gain an understanding of the recruitment specification. We then apply sophisticated research methodologies to identify potential candidates that we believe meet our client’s unique specifications.

Board Strategy Facilitation | Signium Africa

Board Strategy Facilitation

Our approach to Board Strategy delivers well-thought out strategies; clear articulation and prioritisation of strategic challenges; development of strategic options; engagement of Board members and executives in making appropriate strategic choices that take the company to its next level.
Strategy ranks the second highest function of a Board of Directors after the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer. Boards should not expect “ready-made” strategies as if they are only there to put on a stamp of approval. Board members add value to the process of strategic thinking in successful companies. Executives look up to their Boards as a resource that they tap into to enrich their own strategic thinking.

Assessment Of Human Capital

Assessment Of Human Capital

Our assessment tools are locally and globally appropriate and equip our clients to deal with the challenges of attracting, building and developing talent within a dynamic and competitive work environment.

Signium Africa’s assessment techniques assist our clients to make better decisions regarding their human capital and maximise the benefit to their businesses. We assess individuals, teams and organisations.

Each assessment project is designed according to the objective of the assessment. We ensure that participants and clients are thoroughly briefed about each stage of the process to ensure transparency. Feedback on assessments is provided to both the candidate and the client separately.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Leadership Development and Coaching

Signium Africa works with a network of independent coaches who specialise in various areas including business coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, skills coaching and integral coaching.

Due to the global shortage of talent, it is imperative that organisations prioritise skills development from within their organisations’ existing talent pool as far as possible. We assist clients to identify and build talent at various levels of seniority within their businesses. It is important that personal, team and organsational development receives equal weighting and attention. If one of these components is left out, the sum of the whole is imbalanced and dysfunctional.

Our leadership development tools are distinctive and globally standardised. They are diagnostic in nature, and offer scientifically proven, on-the-job solutions to the competencies that require development either individually or as a team.

Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

Signium Africa’s outplacement service brings together different expertise - executive search, management assessment and individual coaching

A job market already under pressure exacerbated by the Covid19 global pandemic has resulted in many companies needing to downsize or re-organise in order to survive. Regardless of how productive, well-skilled, or competent - many employees, unfortunately face retrenchment and the daunting task of finding a new job as soon as possible. In most cases, the retrenching company would like to support their outgoing employees, maintain motivation for the remaining employees, and protect the company’s reputation and brand.

Our Recruitment Sectors & Industries

We have a team with diverse skills that recruit across various sectors and industries, including but not limited to:

Signium Africa

Diverse talent solutions.
African partnerships you
can depend on.


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