Exclusive Signium & AESC Webinar: Executive Leadership Skills: How to Ensure Team Fit

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Executive Leadership Skills: How to Ensure Team Fit

Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Time: 12:00–1:00pm ET
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As teams become more diverse, how can leaders best ensure they FIT together?

When recruiting for leadership talent, most organizations spend 80% of their time looking at harder measures, the competences and capabilities of an individual against the organisation’s needs. Yet, industry research shows that half of senior hires fail, and they don’t fail because of a mismatch of competency or capability.

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Misfit – an ill fitting executive

Having been “raised” in companies with healthy talent planning processes, one can easily take for granted the benefits of having a bench of strong internal candidates and few talent crises. 

Injecting external talent, nevertheless, is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy and vibrant organization. However, the same processes that help prevent a poor internal selection are not as effective in the case of that occasional external hire.  An external hire, unless handled by an experienced professional, is exposed to fewer quality controls to ensure organizational fit.  

What needs to be avoided?

For example, I have seen time pressures cause the “fast-tracking” of an executive search that ignored warning signs in a high level hire that was ultimately removed.  In other cases, in the name of “confidentiality”, interviewing and selection teams are often kept small, easily enabling any disenchanted executive team member to say “I told you so…”.  These are both huge mistakes one would think should be easily avoided.    

Bret Rogers

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Signium Africa and Riverwaves sign strategic HR partnership

Signium Africa and Riverwaves sign strategic HR partnership

South African talent search specialists *Signium Africa and UK consultancy *Riverwaves today announced the launch of a strategic partnership to bring world-leading competency-based HR solutions to companies across sub-Saharan Africa.

Signium Africa is primarily known for head-hunting top executive talent for some of the continent’s leading corporates and state-owned enterprises. Riverwaves is a global leader in the optimisation of ‘people capability’ through the customisation of competency-driven HR models designed to energise and strengthen corporate teams.

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The BOTS are coming!

IN FOCUS Business applications of Al The BOTS are coming! If the headlines are to be believed, robots are coming for your job. Or are they? by Natasha Meintjies photography Karolina Komendera f the media hype is to be believed, the robots may well be coming for your job. In fact, late last year, McKinsey research showed that up to 800 million workers worldwide may lose their jobs to artificial intelligence Al by 2030, while half of contemporary work functions could be automated by 2055.

business, Job

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