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Executive Search Request

Executive Search and Selection of Specialised Skills

As the competition for competent people in the workplace becomes more intense, we provide a superior head-hunter service to our clients to select and place top talent. The process starts with an in-depth discussion regarding the client’s current and future challenges to gain an understanding of the recruitment specification. We then apply sophisticated research methodologies to identify potential candidates that we believe meet our client’s unique specifications.

Signium Africa is a leading recruitment company in South Africa.

Executive Search in South Africa

Our mapping exercise targets industries and appropriate companies in accordance with our client’s needs.

The search team then reaches out to potential candidates. When a candidate expresses interest in the opportunity they are invited to meet with a consultant for an exploratory discussion. The purpose of this discussion is to screen the candidate to determine the synergy between the candidate’s suitability for the position and to evaluate their critical core competencies in relation to the client’s requirements.

A long-list of suitable candidates is then presented to the client. This includes a detailed career summary, achievements and an assessment of each candidate by the consultant.

The next step is to facilitate the client and candidate short-list interview process, enabling the client to select the preferred candidates. At this point Signium Africa conducts work performance references and integrity checks (criminal, credit and academic). We also conduct competency assessments if required. Once the client has selected the final candidate we assist in package negotiations and a smooth on-boarding process. We provide regular progress reports throughout the assignment to keep our client up to date. We also value the involvement and input of our client as this forms an integral part of a successful conclusion.

After successful placement, regular follow-ups are conducted with clients and candidates to cement our long-term involvement with both parties.