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Outplacement Services

Signium Africa’s outplacement service brings together different expertise - executive search, management assessment and individual coaching

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Outplacement Service

A job market already under pressure exacerbated by the Covid19 global pandemic has resulted in many companies needing to downsize or re-organise in order to survive. Regardless of how productive, well-skilled, or competent - many employees, unfortunately face retrenchment and the daunting task of finding a new job as soon as possible. In most cases, the retrenching company would like to support their outgoing employees, maintain motivation for the remaining employees, and protect the company’s reputation and brand.

The national lockdown has given many stressed employees time to think differently about their values, their needs, and their careers. They know they want a change but they don’t always know how to build a new career or how to position themselves in a new market in which they can thrive.

Signium Africa’s outplacement program brings together different expertise - executive search, management assessment and individual coaching and offers a tailor-made approach for:

  • Retrenched employees that need support and guidance in finding a new job
  • Job seekers who want to re-enter the job market 
  • Professionals who wish to transition into new career paths *
  • Those who wish to proactively manage their positioning and reputation in the industry and beyond
  • Seasoned executives preparing to retire or exit the business world

While we do not actively search for new jobs for individuals, we equip them with the emotional support, practical advice and skills needed at this uncertain stage of their careers.

There are clear benefits for an organisation to offer outplacement services. These include:

  • Providing an objective and independent process that protects the confidentiality of the individual and mitigates the anxiety they would feel if the process were to be handled by the organisation internally.
  • Individuals receive sound advice and guidance from experts who are up to date with the current job market and emerging trends
  • Solutions are tailor-made for the individual which provides a much needed personal touch during an extremely difficult time.
  • Improving employee relations with remaining employees, this contributes to improved employee engagement, better retention rates and productivity.
  • Providing a way to maintain a strong brand and manage the company’s reputation in the eyes of the remaining employees, future employees, investors, customers and stakeholders. It demonstrates commitment to people, both those who are leaving and those who are staying.
  • Supporting HR who may not have the capacity or the practical experience to handle this part of the retrenchment process.

For more information and to find out how we can serve you and your people better, either complete the enquiry form or click to email below contact:

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Shareholder & Director

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